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IIOS is a virtual school serving students from G1-12 throughout the Middle East and worldwide. Our school’s distinctive character is the integrated American curriculum with an outstanding Arabic and Islamic education, which provides our students with an authentic world-class education and equips them with 21st-century skills to be independent and lifelong learners, ….. Read more




Perfection - Authenticity - Modernity - Universality

What We Offfer

We offer an online school that provides a fully digital curriculum for students, which is based on American CCSS and delivers programs for elementary school (Grades 1–5), middle school (Grades 6–8), and high school (Grades 9–12). We use an accredited American curriculum consisting of core subjects, essentials, and electives.

education. This individualized learning experience is tailored to fit each student. Our school provides live (synchronous) and recorded (asynchronous) lessons using the most up-to-date educational technologies and LMS. In addition, the best pedagogical practices in teaching, learning, curricula, and assessment.

Virtual Education For Whom & Why?

Three elements distinguish virtual education from traditional: flexibility, ease and simplicity, and high levels of personalized learning.
Regardless of their reasons for those preferences. They are usually:

  • Those with talents and abilities that give them superiority over their peers.
  • Or perhaps, they have their own needs and requirements.
  • Or, they want to learn in a different way, as they tend to be up to date and innovate.

Virtual schools are distinguished from the traditional in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • 24/7 access to educational materials from home or anywhere else
  • Learning and progress take place at a student’s own pace with flexible schedules.
  • Each student can design his own individual learning plan
  • Parents can view their children’s progress at any moment
  • Meet with other students from different cultures around the world

Accreditation And University Acceptance

(IIOS) Registering In Our School Mean

That you are in an internationally recognized American school from your first day and at the end of your first year you will have an accredited transcript and certificate.

Transcripts / Certificates

Testing takes place throughout the year to ensure that students in all grades are on the right track. Upon completion of any grade, we issue a transcript to students. Which is an official document that proves that the student has successfully completed the level and enables students to transfer to another school.
At the end of high school, students will be provided with a GPA for the whole high school grades, which helps them with their next step in either career or university admissions.

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff at Al-Ihsan School includes a group of qualified teachers for e-learning with the latest technologies

Mr. Mona Al-Hassani

Science Subject

A science teacher for the primary and preparatory stages

Mr. William Kerry

English Subject

Teacher specialized in English for the primary and preparatory stages

Mr. Dalia El-Shazly

Mathematics Subject

A teacher specializing in mathematics for the primary and preparatory stages

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