Elementary school grades from 1 to 5

Today’s young minds require a solid foundation of knowledge to support their learning in the future; the best that can be done to achieve this is to focus on developing literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy skills. IIOS staffs are fully aware of that and committed to enabling students to build these fundamentals acquire study skills, and develop a love of lifelong learning. Our elementary knowledge-rich curriculum enables students to learn on a step-by-step basis gradually. The easy, fun, simple creative, flexible program keeps younger students interested, engaged and attentive.
Our digital curriculum includes courses in the four and three core subjects for each grade in the Elementary School; it also consists of a set of elective courses as follows:

Core subjects: English language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Essential: Islamic education, Arabic language.

Electives: Arts, ICT

Each student studies the subjects mentioned above, but the option remains to delete some of the electives if the parent requests.
Although our expert teachers closely monitor students’ progress daily, we assign a teacher to each grade at Elementary school to be the direct point of contact. The designated teacher meets the students and their learning Coach monthly.