High School Grades from 9 to 12

Online education is a naturally appropriate model for today’s youth. They grew up in the Internet environment and used technology to communicate and fulfill their daily tasks and needs. We have designed the IIOS high school curriculum as a college and university preparatory curriculum. It is intended to open scientific and technical horizons for students, both theoretical and practical, and our courses provide rich and in-depth knowledge within three packages of subjects. We carefully adjust our courses to unlock the potential of each student to ensure a successful future for them and their communities.

Our high school academic choices include all Core and essential subjects and allow students to choose from a wide variety of elective subjects to meet their interests and serve their current and future aspirations.

Core subjects: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Essential subjects: Islamic education, Arabic language.

Elective subjects: arts, ICT, economics, business, and accounting.

After completing graduation requirements, students earn an American High School Diploma, which ensures IIOS graduates can enter universities in Europe, Asia, the USA, and other universities worldwide.