Academic Accreditation and University Admission

Accreditation No. 3596
Florida – United States of America

Ihsan International Online School (IIOS), headquartered in Florida – United States of America, provides its services to international students worldwide. IIOS is a sister school of Ihsan International Schools in Istanbul and follows the same board of directors. Moreover, IIOS provides the same academic accreditation as Ihsan International Schools, which is accredited by the United States. Furthermore, the certificates issued are ratified by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United States of America.

As we aim to provide the best service to our valued students from their first school day, we have overcome the obstacles of the founding year by utilizing the resources and expertise of our sister schools in Istanbul, Ihsan International Schools. Besides, we have established a group of distinguished partnerships and concluded twinning agreements with trusted and accredited parties from the most reputable international accreditation bodies, including the collaboration with Pearson (Savas), Flexi Academy, K12Net learning management, and more. Thus, joining our school (IIOS) means that you are in an accredited American school with an outstanding level that facilitates acceptance to universities in Europe, Asia, the United States of America, and other countries worldwide.

Transcripts / Certificates

Testing takes place throughout the year to ensure that students in all grades are on the right track. Upon completion of any stage, we issue transcripts to students, which prove that the student has completed the level and enables them to transfer to another school.
At the end of high school, students will be given a GPA for the whole high school grade, which helps them with their next step in career or university admissions.

Accreditation and Certification Forms

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