Join us

We at Ihsan International Online School (IIOS) seek to attract highly qualified teachers, educators, and experts to our schools, and we are happy to have them join our distinguished team. We aim to provide an appealing work environment rich with positive relationships, constant creativity, and development.

Joining our school will provide our team members with a flexible work environment wherever they are through our platform and online programs. Moreover, we will provide them with constant training throughout the year to increase our team’s efficiency and experience, develop their skills, facilitate and develop the educational process, and help all team members achieve goals according to the highest quality standards.

Applying to Ihsan Schools is by submitting the below form
The recruitment committee will study the resumes objectively and communicate with the candidates to conduct a personal interview and a demo lesson through our platform. After that, the job offer will be sent to the accepted candidate to complete the employment procedures.

The most crucial points we consider in our job interviews:

  1. Mastery in the field of specialization.
  2. Highly skilled in using online software and platforms.
  3. Teaching skills, active learning strategies, and thinking skills.
  4. The ability to communicate effectively with the school community members.
  5. Mastering teamwork skills.

Ihsan International Online Schools team is looking forward to joining its team to become more distinguished and successful.