Middle School Grades from 6 to 8

IIOS middle school curriculum is designed to upgrade the knowledge received at the elementary level. Students in grades 6 to 8 study the same subjects they did before, but in Middle School, they are a bit deeper and slightly more content-heavy compared to what they learned in the lower grades.

Our digital curriculum includes courses in the four core subjects and three essential subjects for each grade in the elementary school; it also consists of a set of elective courses as follows:

Core subjects: English language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Essential: Islamic education, Arabic language.

Electives: Arts, ICT.

Each student studies the subjects mentioned above, but the option remains to delete some of the electives if the parent requests.
All of these establish a solid knowledge base for secondary school. But this does not mean that the curriculum is limited to knowledge, but rather provides much more than knowledge and strengthens the social and emotional skills of students, which accelerates the intellectual and emotional maturity of students and helps them succeed in their next steps, whether in High school, work or life.
The middle school years in IIOS are an exciting and fun time, as the curriculum is designed to ensure students engage in learning by taking into account students’ varying learning styles and abilities.
With more individualization and personalization of learning, students become increasingly independent in their education to fully lead their secondary learning journey.